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My Two Dads
My Two Dads
My Two Dads


Rediscovering “My Two Dads” – How an Obscure 80s Sitcom Was Surprisingly Ahead of the Cultural Curve

NOTE: This article is 6 months old and may not include the most recent information.

As an avid TV fan, I love discovering classic shows that stand the test of time. One such gem that deserves more modern attention is the late-80s sitcom “My Two Dads”. Though it may not immediately come to mind, this innovative series explored family and relationships in a warm, witty way that still resonates.

Centered around teenager Nicole Bradford, who is raised by two men after her mother’s death, “My Two Dads” took the traditional family comedy mold and gave it an unconventional twist. Both former suitors unaware of which was Nicole’s biological father, uptight financial advisor Michael Taylor and eccentric artist Joey Harris agree to jointly raise her. While the unique dynamic lent itself to funny situations, the show also highlighted poignant themes of what truly makes a family.

Beyond the novel premise, “My Two Dads” was ahead of its time in normalizing non-traditional families. The devoted, if dysfunctional, relationship between Michael, Joey and Nicole emphasized nurture over nature when defining parents and children. Their clashes and growth gave audiences an honest yet sensitive look at the evolving state of American families.

While a product of its time with the occasional dated pop culture reference, “My Two Dads” has an underlying universality in its portraits of complex characters finding their place and purpose. We watch Nicole growing into a smart, self-sufficient young adult under the shepherding of two very different father figures. Both Michael and Joey contend with their opposing philosophies on life and parenting, ultimately forging a stronger family unit with Nicole’s best interest at heart.

While the unique family dynamic was the show’s creative draw, much of its heart stemmed from the talents of its stars. Both veteran TV actor Greg Evigan (known for “B.J. and the Bear” prior) and the quick-witted Paul Reiser brought plenty of charm to their roles as opposites Michael and Joey. The pair’s contrasting energies and comedic timing, along with young Staci Keanan as daughter Nicole, fueled memorable storylines and plenty of laughs. Their performances elevated the uniqueness of the series and helped audiences invest in the characters’ emotional journeys over three captivating seasons.

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With its fusion of light sitcom laughs and insights into the everyday struggles of being a non-traditional family, “My Two Dads” balances humor and heart in a way that retains its luminosity.

For those who haven’t had the chance to see it, one of the most enduring features of “My Two Dads” is its infectiously cheerful theme song, “You Can Count on Me.” Performed by star Greg Evigan himself, with music by series co-creator Michael Jacobs, Lenny Macaluso and Evigan, the producers aptly chose him to lend his wholesome vocals to the upbeat, positive lyrics. The song perfectly encapsulates the show’s spirit of family being those comforting figures you can always rely on. Whenever that bubbly tune plays in the introduction, it immediately transports you into the warmth of 80s sitcom nostalgia and the show’s lighthearted lessons on unconditional love.

Its central message – that family rests in the strength of love, not convention – feels as meaningful today as ever. Both the show and its catchy, heartfelt theme song stand as cultural touchstones waiting to be discovered by modern audiences.

For viewers looking for a breezy yet thoughtful trip back in time, rediscovering this 80s classic promises memorable entertainment for both retro enthusiasts and modern audiences alike. Its central message – that family rests in the strength of love, not convention – feels just as meaningful today as ever.

Trevor Decker


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