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Get Ready for a Fresh Take on Your Favorite Big Purple Dinosaur in the Upcoming Barney Film

NOTE: This article is 9 months old and may not include the most recent information.

The upcoming Barney film starring Daniel Kaluuya aims to reinvent the beloved children’s character for nostalgic millennial audiences. Rather than a traditional kids movie, it will have a “surrealistic” tone targeted at adults, according to Mattel Films executives.

Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz confirmed the new film will have a “fresh approach” that taps into the fond memories many adults have of Barney from their childhoods. While exploring millennial “angst,” it will remain fun and entertaining at its core.

The goal is to expand the appeal of the Barney franchise beyond just children. The creative team wants to capture the lighthearted spirit of Barney that so many fans grew up with, just with some new flair.

Though the trippy, surreal visuals may give the film an edgier vibe, Barney is still the same big purple dinosaur who spreads joy through song, imagination and hugs. Some themes may be more mature, but the wholesome core of his character should remain.

By reinventing a classic property like Barney for older audiences, the film hopes to find success like the recent Barbie movie. One thing’s for sure – this new take will bring back all the warm-hearted nostalgia adults associate with their favorite big purple pal.

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