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The Transition from HBO Max to Max: What Subscribers Need to Know!

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

The streaming landscape is ever-changing, and in the latest major shift, HBO Max is saying goodbye to make way for the newcomer, Max! But wait, what does this mean for existing HBO Max subscribers? Rest assured, we’ve got all the details to help you understand what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what you’ll need to do.

As you might have heard, HBO Max is merging with Discovery+ to form a fresh streaming platform, Max. This re-launch is set for Tuesday, May 23, with a wealth of new titles ready to enthrall viewers. But if you’re already a HBO Max subscriber, you’re probably wondering about the fate of your account. Will you have to create a new account and re-subscribe?

The good news is that the transition is designed to be as smooth as possible for you. Those already subscribed to HBO Max will not need to establish a new account. That’s right, your current sign-in details and account will carry over to Max. If there’s any hiccup, you may have to sign in using your provider username and password.

As for the app, one of two things may occur depending on your device. It could either automatically update from HBO Max to Max, or you may be prompted to download the new Max app when you open the existing one.

But what about all those movies and series you’ve been watching or those you’ve added to your list for future binges? We have more good news! All your account profiles, watch history, and your “My List” will be preserved when transitioning to Max. This means you won’t lose your place in your favorite shows or lose track of the titles you’ve earmarked for watching later.

Additionally, your subscription payment process won’t be disrupted. It will continue to be managed through your TV, internet, digital, or wireless provider, just as it has been with HBO Max.

So, while the name is changing and new content is arriving, your viewing experience and account management should remain uninterrupted. The transition from HBO Max to Max promises to be an exciting time for subscribers. Stay tuned and get ready for a whole new world of entertainment with Max!

Trevor Decker


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