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Non-binary actor Lachlan Watson discusses their role as Gen/Glenda on the “Chucky” series

NOTE: This article is 7 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In a recently released look at Chucky, the series’ fourth episode from season two, the cast talks about the special episode. In the video, the numerous guest stars featured in the episode also share their thoughts. A new addition to the cast, Lachlan Watson, talks about how they played both Glen and Glenda and how they helped bring the characters to life.

A summary of what Lachlan Watson said in the video featurette, which you can see in full above, is provided below.

It feels really special to join the cast of Chucky. I’ve never come into an already established character and continued it. I’ve only ever established my own so it felt like I was apart of something special. It was really special to play not one, but two non binary characters as an non binary actor because I’ve kind of adopted this idea in my head about my career that I want to play everything for the sake of showing that there’s no one way to be trans and there’s no one way to be human and how I as a trans actor can morph into anything’s I want. To be able play to opposite ends of the spectrum but both in the non-binary umbrella was really special because it helped illustrate the idea that there is no one way to be trans, there is no one way to be non-binary I have never played two characters. Nobody that I know has played two characters, but I got used to it. I would start as Glenda usually and then we would film the entire day as Glenda and then we would determine which shots glen and Glenda would both be in, and no one could touch those cameras from the entire time I had to leave, change costume, change my hair, put on the wig, come back. but it was incredible to watch it come together.

I came up with the idea that Glen was more grunge and Glenda was more glam and that was a really fun way to categorize it without having to use gender language.

The wardrobe changes were really fun because it took about an hour to switch from Glen to Glenda and vice versa and it was really nice to have to take it all off and put it back on. It was a little bit of a clean slate in the middle of the day

It was wild that Glen had a relationship with Nica and Glenda had a relationship with Nica possessed by Chucky probably because Glen has mommy issues and Glenda has daddy issues 204 was basically like filming a mini Chucky movie. that’s how everybody decided how it felt

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