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The Last of Us Episode 6 Joel and Ellie have an argument 2 1 screenshot
The Last of Us Episode 6 Joel and Ellie have an argument 2 1 screenshot
Bella Ramsey as Ellie in "The Last Of Us Episode 6


Navigating Early Fame: Bella Ramsey Opted for Anonymity After ‘Game of Thrones’ Breakout

NOTE: This article is 6 months old and may not include the most recent information.

For actor Bella Ramsey, the rapid fame and attention after their breakout role on Game of Thrones at age 13 was “terrifying.” Rather than embrace the media spotlight, Ramsey chose to retreat from it, conducting barely any interviews in the aftermath of the hugely popular fantasy series.

As Ramsey tells it in an interview with LAD Bible, “We chose the route of doing absolutely nothing, do like no interviews, give no personal information.” Their goal was privacy – for both themselves and their family. “My parents were so terrified that we just sort of kept everything very private,” they explained.

This strategic anonymity allowed Ramsey room to grow up outside intense public scrutiny. The actor looks back proudly on that choice, even as it may have cost them opportunities: “I was fairly anonymous, even though I’ve done like, other work. That was pretty lovely.”

Now with their starring role in The Last of Us putting them again into the global spotlight, Ramsey is determined to still carve out a personal life away from fame. “The internet knows nothing about my family or my home life or my personal life really at all, which is good. And I want to protect that,” they asserted.

As Ramsey returns to prominence, they hinted that fans can expect an even stronger sophomore season for The Last of Us. Despite the pressures of living up to sky-high expectations, Ramsey believes “we’re going to do great. I think we will top it.”

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This time around, it seems Ramsey feels better equipped to handle the spotlight, while retaining the hard-won anonymity around their private life. The actor has forged their own path through the turbulence of early fame and industry demands.

Trevor Decker


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