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Good Luck Charlie


Emotional Reunion: Eric Allan Kramer Tears Up Seeing ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Co-Star Mia Talerico on Cooking Show

NOTE: This article is 8 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Fans of the popular sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’ got to witness a touching reunion that brought tears to many eyes, including the co-stars themselves.

Eric Allan Kramer, who played the lovable Bob Duncan on the show, had no idea what awaited him on the sets of the new cooking show he started with Bradley Steven Perry (who played Gabe Duncan). In their latest episode, Bradley had a beautiful surprise planned for Eric. A surprise guest was announced, someone Eric had not seen in a long time.

Bradley played his cards well, dropping hints that misled Eric into thinking the guest was a renowned four Michelin star chef, someone Eric was familiar with from television. Bradley added, “you know this person more than you know me,” which only added to the suspense.

The moment arrived, and the guest was finally called out. To Eric’s utter surprise, out walked Mia Talerico, the adorable Charlie from ‘Good Luck Charlie’. The sight of Mia, all grown up, brought tears to Eric’s eyes. Overwhelmed, he exclaimed, “Oh my god! How are you? How can you look like this when you’re only four?”

The co-stars revealed that it had been “probably 10 years” since Eric last saw Mia in person, though in reality, it’s been about seven and a half years. There was a virtual reunion of the cast in May 2020, but it’s different when you meet someone face-to-face after such a long gap.

Eric, still coming to terms with the surprise, shared, “I’m so happy, I may actually tear up here a little bit. Oh my god, I’m so insanely happy right now.”

As the episode continued, Bradley mentioned that he had last met Mia at Bridgit Mendler’s wedding, an event Eric couldn’t attend because of work commitments.

This episode wasn’t just about cooking; it was about rekindling old bonds, cherishing memories, and celebrating the moments that make life special. The reunion of Eric and Mia reminds us of the deep connections formed during the making of a show, connections that stand the test of time. It’s moments like these that make ‘Good Luck Charlie’ not just a show, but a family.

Trevor Decker


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