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Zilot Other Important Rhymes
Zilot Other Important Rhymes
Zilot Other Important Rhymes


Bob Odenkirk and Daughter Erin: A Creative Collaboration and Unveiling Personal Insights

NOTE: This article is 6 months old and may not include the most recent information.

The world of entertainment is no stranger to Bob Odenkirk, a household name best known for his stellar performance in “Better Call Saul”. But recently, Bob embarked on a heartwarming journey, combining his love for writing with his daughter Erin’s artistic talents to create “Zilot & Other Important Rhymes”. This children’s book, which combines Erin’s illustrations with childhood poems penned by the Odenkirk siblings, serves as a testament to the bond between a father and daughter.

In a recent interview, both Bob and Erin opened up about their collaboration and shared personal insights that shed light on their relationship and creative processes. The idea to publish these poems, which had been a distant dream, found its perfect timing during the pandemic. Bob likened the shared sensibility in the poems to the unified humor of Monty Python, a testament to the family’s shared comedic touch.

Erin’s growth, both personally and creatively, was evident throughout the collaboration. Bob noted her evolution from a reserved listener to a confident communicator, a trait he greatly admires and encourages. The interview also touched upon the challenges of the entertainment industry, with Bob reflecting on his days at “Saturday Night Live” and the importance of being receptive to feedback.

The duo’s upcoming book tour, especially their visit to Savannah, has both of them excited. Their shared love for travel and exploration is evident, with Erin fondly recalling past family trips and adventures with her father.

The interview provided a unique window into the life and dynamics of the Odenkirk family. Bob’s insights into the world of entertainment and his personal journey, combined with Erin’s fresh perspective and aspirations, make for a compelling read.

For a detailed dive into their conversation and more insights, check out the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

Trevor Decker


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