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MONH M2 KS 0209 0044 RT 1c8d3576
"Monster High 2" Image Courtesy: Kailey Schwerman, Nickelodeon, Paramount+


Nickelodeon Strikes Gold with ‘Monster High 2’s’ Spine-Chilling Ratings

NOTE: This article is 8 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Nickelodeon has unearthed a treasure trove of viewership with its latest Halloween spectacle, “Monster High 2,” crafting a story that is as enchanting as it is spooky, and successfully capturing the attention of its youthful demographic.

The “Monster High” series, celebrated for its amalgamation of supernatural elements and typical high school experiences, has once again demonstrated its potent appeal. The sequel, spotlighting Ceci Balagot, Miia Harris, and Nayah Damasen, has not only sustained the momentum of its predecessor but also expanded its enchanting influence.

The statistical prowess of “Monster High 2” is nothing short of mesmerizing. The film has witnessed a remarkable uptick in viewership, particularly among children aged between 2-11 and 6-11, showcasing its potent charm and resonance with the target audience. Moreover, the sequel has managed to captivate a broader spectrum of viewers, reaching millions across various platforms and channels under the Nickelodeon banner during its premiere weekend.

In comparison, “A Really Haunted Loud House,” which graced screens a week prior, also garnered its share of viewer attention, demonstrating Nickelodeon’s adeptness at curating a Halloween lineup that resonates with its audience. The film, too, experienced a notable surge in viewership, particularly in the days following its initial broadcast.

The success of “Monster High 2” underscores the timeless appeal of the Monster High universe and its charismatic characters. The amalgamation of spooky aesthetics, heartfelt teenage tales, and dynamic characters crafts a compelling storyline that continues to captivate young audiences, solidifying Nickelodeon’s standing as a premier provider of engaging, age-appropriate content.

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Nickelodeon’s strategic deployment of a robust Halloween lineup, featuring both “Monster High 2” and “A Really Haunted Loud House,” has proven to be a winning formula, offering young viewers a delightful assortment of spooky and entertaining content throughout the Halloween season. This triumph not only highlights the network’s proficient programming strategy but also establishes a formidable standard for subsequent Halloween lineups.

In wrapping up, “Monster High 2” has not only perpetuated the spooky charm and engaging tale of the initial film but has also etched its own distinct mark in the affections of its young viewers. With its impressive viewership and ratings, the film has unequivocally cemented its status as a standout feature in Nickelodeon’s Halloween lineup, hinting at a potentially luminous future for the franchise.

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