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Binge-Watching Wins: Viewers Prefer All Episodes at Once

NOTE: This article is 8 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Binge-watching is super popular these days, and a recent study by Samba TV, highlighted by TheWrap, gives us some cool insights into this trend. Basically, people are more likely to finish watching a TV series if all episodes are available at once, instead of having to wait for new ones each week.

Let’s dive into some numbers: 45% of families finished a show that was released all at once in the first half of 2023. This is more than the 39% of families who finished a show released in parts and the 35% who finished a show released weekly. So, it seems like a lot of us start shows but don’t finish them if we can’t binge-watch.

A big chunk of people – 72% of U.S. adults surveyed – say they are binge-watchers. About 47% of families who watched the most bingeable shows did it in just five days on average. And get this: the most viewership happens within the first 15 days of a show’s release. That’s a pretty quick watch!

When we look at the most-watched original shows in the first half of 2023, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video are the big players. Netflix is a giant here, grabbing 47 out of 50 spots for the top original shows. And 70% of young adults say they’re more likely to stick with a streaming service that lets them binge-watch shows.

But there’s a twist: when people watched only one original show, Hulu kept them coming back the most (59%), followed by Max (54%), Apple TV+ (52%), and others. So, while lots of us love to binge-watch, a single awesome show can still pull us in.

In a world full of streaming options, knowing what viewers like is super important. The love for binge-watching shows us that streaming platforms need to think carefully about how they release their shows. Whether they go for the binge-watching crowd or try something different, what’s clear is that having great, engaging shows is key to keeping viewers hooked.

In short, while binge-watching is big, the secret sauce for streaming platforms is probably a mix of letting us watch it all at once and giving us amazing shows that we just can’t resist, whether we watch them in one go or over several weeks.

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