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Teaser Clip Unveils the Spine-Chilling Adventures Awaiting in “The Ghost Town Terror” New Season


Get ready to be seated at the edge of your seat because we have some thrilling news for you! The Travel Channel is back with a fresh season of the nail-biting series, “The Ghost Town Terror”, and to fuel your excitement, we’ve got a teaser clip that promises a glimpse into a season filled with mysteries, suspense, and heart-stopping paranormal activities. Whether you are a returning fan or a curious first-timer, this season is shaping up to offer an exhilarating journey into the unknown.

Picture this: The picturesque landscapes of Anaconda, Montana, which seemingly promise a tranquil existence, hide unnerving secrets that are far from peaceful. This is the unsettling reality that the Broussard family has to face in their new home at Gunslinger Gulch, where dark forces and eerie happenings are more common than one would wish.

Ready to combat these sinister occurrences are the fearless duo, Tim Wood and Sapphire Sandalo. These paranormal aficionados are gearing up once again to protect the Broussard family and the locals of Montana from the threatening dark forces that have been stirring up trouble in the area.

Your Gateway to a Season Bursting with Paranormal Mysteries

  • September 28, “Firestorm” – Karen calls Tim and Sapphire back to Gunslinger Gulch to investigate a shocking, fire-branded omen. When Tim repels deeper into The Pit for answers, a confrontation with his own dark nemesis leads to painful revelations about the living and the dead.
  • October 5, “A Debt To Be Paid” – Sarah Lemos brings disturbing visions of a nearby cave, while Sapphire uncovers a mysterious suicide connected to the Log Cabin. The team attempts to sever Karen from her traumatic past when a ring reveals a deceptive spirit is courting her.
  • October 12, “I Am The Darkness” – Scott Di Lalla joins the fray as Tim and Sapphire use hypnosis to uncover secrets from the Broussard family’s past. But a sinister spirit attachment hinders the experiment. Frustrated, the team seeks out the Darkness in two abandoned hospitals.
  • October 19, “The Summoning” – To convince his fractured team they are battling Beelzebub, Tim leads them to an epicenter of suffering, the Old Montana State Prison. The emotional experience pushes Tim to cross a dangerous line and summon the high-ranking demon.
  • October 26, “Prey” – The team splinters when Tim and Scott summon a demon despite Sarah and Sapphire’s objections. But when the experiment exposes a new threat directly tied to Karen, they must put their differences aside and fight the Darkness together.
  • November 2, “The Ties That Bind” – The team moves in to free the Broussards from the darkness plaguing them. But as the Gunslinger Gulch saga ends, Tim feels only dread. Has the malevolent underground force moved on, setting its sights on a much larger target?

Keep a tab on all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes action by following @TravelChannel and using the hashtag #GhostTownTerror on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Ready to embark on an adventure into the heart of paranormal mysteries? Don’t forget to check out the teaser clip that sets the stage for a season that promises to be darker and more intense than ever before!

Trevor Decker




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