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Movie Behind Viral Alien Sightings Explained: Confusion Caused By “Jules” Promotion

NOTE: This article is 8 months old and may not include the most recent information.

New Yorkers have been puzzled and amused by apparent sightings of an alien character from the new film “Jules” which is in theaters now. Video has gone viral of costume resembling the alien from the movie being spotted in public places like a store and subway.

The movie tells the story of an alien named Jules who crash lands in New York City and attempts to adjust to life on Earth. The film studio behind “Jules” has orchestrated the alien costume sightings as a viral marketing effort to generate buzz for the movie. Tourists and locals have snapped photos and videos of the alien lookalike riding the subway and shopping as the videos spread across social media.

Here’s a synopsis of the film: A man’s quiet life gets upended when a UFO crashes in his backyard in rural Pennsylvania. As he befriends the mysterious extraterrestrial, things start to get complicated when two neighbors discover it and the government quickly closes in.

The viral stunt has successfully captured public imagination and curiosity. Online chatter speculates about potential alien life and expresses amusement at the bizarre promotional videos.

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