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Natalie Portman Cut School To Be On The Show Letterman 2 55 screenshot


The Viral TikTok Clip that has Everyone Watching a Young Natalie Portman’s Hilarious Letterman Interview

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Get this, TikTok has struck nostalgic gold with a clip from an old-school interview featuring a 13-year-old Natalie Portman and David Letterman. This little gem from 1994 has been cracking up users across the platform. Want to see the full interview? We’ve got you covered!

The clip that has everyone in stitches involves Portman innocently revealing her dad’s profession as an infertility specialist, and the adorable way she described his job to her nursery school teachers – he helps women get pregnant! Trust us, it’s way funnier when she tells it.

But hey, don’t stop at the clip. The entire interview is a delightful journey into the past, a fun glimpse of the early days of Portman’s career, filled with charming anecdotes and her endearing honesty.

From skipping tech class (where she was making a tiny car out of wood) for the interview, to getting spotted by a Revlon scout in a pizza parlor after dance class, Portman’s journey into acting is something you need to hear about. And, let’s not forget her unusual audition for her debut movie, “The Professional,” – a trip to the bathroom, anyone?

Plus, there’s this classic moment when Portman admits to falling asleep during the premiere of her own movie in Paris. Waking up to applause and then having to explain she wasn’t crying but waking up? Total comedy gold!

Trust us, this isn’t just a viral TikTok clip, it’s a candid interview that will have you smiling, chuckling, and perhaps even laughing out loud.

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Ready to join the fun and watch the full interview? Watch above to see the hilarious Natalie Portman-David Letterman banter in all its ’90s glory.

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