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woman in yellow long sleeve shirt watching tv and eatinghi
woman in yellow long sleeve shirt watching tv and eatinghi
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Why Classic TV Shows and Networks are Making a Comeback Among Gen Zers

NOTE: This article is 10 months old and may not include the most recent information.

It’s no secret that streaming is dominating the entertainment industry. From Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime Video, there are seemingly endless options for on-demand content. But while streaming may be at the forefront of our TV and movie-watching habits, many Gen Zers are finding themselves drawn to classic TV shows and networks like MeTV and Antenna TV. Here are a few reasons why:

Escaping the Overwhelming Options

With so many options available on streaming platforms, it can be overwhelming to choose what to watch. This is where classic TV shows and networks come in – they offer a curated selection of shows that are tried and true, with proven staying power. This can be a relief for Gen Zers who are feeling decision fatigue from scrolling through endless options on streaming services.

Comfort in the Familiar

Classic TV shows and networks can also offer a sense of comfort in their familiarity. Many of these shows have been watched and loved for generations, and the characters become like old friends. In a world that can often feel unpredictable and chaotic, the reliability of classic TV shows can be a grounding force.

Free and Easily Accessible

One big draw of classic TV shows and networks like MeTV and Antenna TV is that they are usually free to watch, and easily accessible. They don’t require a monthly subscription or internet connection, and can often be tuned in with a simple antenna. This can be especially appealing to Gen Zers who are budget-conscious and looking to save money on entertainment.

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As mentioned before, nostalgia is a major factor in the appeal of classic TV shows and networks for Gen Zers. Even those who didn’t grow up during the time these shows originally aired may feel a sense of connection to previous generations through the shared love of these shows. Plus, it can be fun to get a glimpse into the fashion, music, and culture of past decades.

While streaming may be king of the entertainment world for now, the draw of classic TV shows and networks remains strong for many Gen Zers. From the comfort of the familiar,

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