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Acting Insights and Personal Struggles: Bella Ramsey Joins Esteemed Performers in LA Times Drama Roundtable

NOTE: This article is 10 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In a recent enlightening Drama Roundtable, hosted by the Los Angeles Times, we had the privilege of gaining a unique and profound insight into the artistic journey of the remarkable actor, Bella Ramsey. Joining Ramsey on the panel were other esteemed performers including Christina Ricci, Diego Luna, Patrick Stewart, and Helen Mirren, among others. This intimate discussion not only gave us a look at the experiences of these icons in the entertainment industry but also allowed us to delve deeper into Ramsey’s personal and professional evolution.

A primary highlight of the discussion was the insightful and emotionally charged sharing by Ramsey, celebrated for their role in the series adaptation of the popular video game “The Last of Us”. They candidly spoke about the challenges they faced with the massive fandom surrounding the game, including the intense pressure that came along with it.

Ramsey shared how they found the need to create a healthy distance from social media due to this overwhelming pressure. They spoke about the initial backlash they faced when they were cast for not resembling the video game character physically, shedding light on the prevalent imposter syndrome that they felt at the onset. This raw honesty displayed by Ramsey allowed us to understand the personal struggles they navigated during their journey on the show.

Interestingly, Ramsey also highlighted their approach to acting. For them, the less they think about their acting, the better their performance. They expressed the struggle they faced when they tried to prepare and analyze their scenes too much, leading to their instinct being compromised.

During the roundtable, Ramsey spoke at length about the significance of emotional interplay between themselves and their co-stars. They detailed their experiences working closely with Pedro Pascal, who played Joel in “The Last of Us”. Their relationship evolved over time, with the two learning about each other throughout the process, which also reflected in the evolving relationship between their characters, Ellie and Joel.

Ramsey emphasized how crucial it is to deliver a truthful performance, even off-camera, to evoke genuine reactions from their co-stars. For them, acting is akin to an emotional dance, reflecting the emotional state of their scene partners and responding to it in kind. They also expressed the impact of making deep connections with their fellow actors, both on-camera and off-stage.

Through this riveting discussion, we gained a profound understanding of Ramsey’s approach to acting, their personal struggles, and their growth journey. They helped shed light on the often unseen trials and tribulations faced by actors behind the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry. The open dialogue offered valuable lessons for upcoming artists and left a significant impact on everyone present at the discussion. Ramsey’s honesty and openness are sure to resonate with many and serve as a beacon of inspiration for actors navigating their own journeys in the industry.

Trevor Decker


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