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Courtesy of The Chosen
Courtesy of The Chosen
Courtesy of The Chosen


Lionsgate Acquires Global Rights to ‘The Chosen’, the Crowdfunding Phenomenon

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

In a significant move, Lionsgate has secured the worldwide distribution rights to ‘The Chosen’, the critically acclaimed drama series centered around Jesus of Nazareth. This purchase cements the series’ status as the most successful crowdfunded TV show in history, now set to reach an even wider audience.

The Chosen, developed by Dallas Jenkins, offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the life and teachings of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of those who knew him personally. The historical drama unfolds in the backdrop of first-century Israel, a time marked by Jewish oppression. Now, Lionsgate plans to further amplify this ground-breaking series by making it accessible in an ambitious 600 languages.

Impressively, the show has already garnered a global audience of over 110 million viewers across 175 countries in its first three seasons. Initially crowdfunded, Jenkins’ goal was to design a series about Jesus that could be binge-watched, an aspiration that has since attracted a substantial fan base worldwide.

The first two seasons of The Chosen are available for streaming on Peacock and Amazon Prime Video, with the first season also listed on Netflix. Additionally, the series has been broadcast on various local platforms across Europe. Fans will be pleased to learn that a fourth season, featuring Jonathan Roumie reprising his role as Jesus, is currently in production. Further to this, there are talks about expanding The Chosen into an extensive entertainment universe, as revealed by Deadline in March. To navigate this ambitious expansion, former DreamWorks executive Mark Sourian has been brought on board as the President of Production.

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In his statement, Jenkins expressed his enthusiasm for Lionsgate’s involvement, stating that they’re “perfect” for the show. He lauded Lionsgate for their expertise and commitment to preserving the unique aspects of the show, promising fans that they will continue to deliver the captivating narrative that they are known for.

Jim Packer, Lionsgate’s President of Worldwide Television Distribution, echoed Jenkins’ sentiments. He emphasized his desire to introduce The Chosen to the best global platforms and expressed no surprise over the widespread demand for a thoughtfully crafted story about such an influential historical figure.

The distribution deal with Lionsgate was negotiated by Christopher Davis and Daniel Taylor, while UTA represents Jenkins and Roumie. Meanwhile, The Come and See Foundation will continue to manage and retain licensing rights for all of The Chosen’s activities within the non-profit sector, which includes translation efforts.

This partnership marks a new chapter in the journey of The Chosen, promising to bring this revolutionary portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth to an even larger international audience.

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