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Pedro Pascal Bares His Soul: Delving Deeper into Family, Career, and Embracing the Unknown

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Pedro Pascal, the 48-year-old star of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, recently sat down for an intimate and revealing interview with Esquire. The actor delved into various aspects of his life, including his thoughts on middle age, family dynamics, career trajectory, his iconic characters, and his experience hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL).

On embracing middle age, Pascal discussed the pressures of societal expectations and how he’s come to accept life as it unfolds. He shared a moment of self-doubt when he thought, “You’re in your forties and you don’t own a home? Grow up.” However, he has since learned to relinquish these expectations and live his life authentically.

Pascal’s SNL hosting debut, which coincided with the anniversary of his mother’s passing, proved to be an emotional experience. He described seeking comfort in talking to her and asking for her support during that challenging week. This experience led him to the realization that he would like to communicate with her more often, despite her absence.

The actor also opened up about his love for the Supremes’ song “Come See About Me,” calling its lyrics his personal catchphrase. His close relationship with his younger sister Lux was another topic of discussion, with Pascal describing her as one of the most powerful people he’s ever known. He also touched on the importance of safeguarding the emotions of his family and loved ones, attributing this to not having his own family and investing his emotional energy in his siblings and chosen family.

Reflecting on his acting career, Pascal recounted the numerous times he doubted his success and had to readjust his expectations. He revealed that he believed if he didn’t have major exposure by the age of 29, his career would be over. Over time, however, he learned to let go of these illusions and embrace the journey as it unfolded.

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When discussing the fate of his character in the second season of The Last of Us, Pascal hinted that the show would likely continue to adhere closely to the original game’s storyline. He also described the remarkable experience of working with the lifelike Grogu puppet in The Mandalorian, emphasizing how its realistic movements made it feel like a genuine scene partner.

As for what’s next in his life, Pascal candidly admitted he has no idea but expressed the hope that he’ll have the maturity to avoid chasing external validation. He wants to focus on what truly matters to him, rather than what may be expected from the outside.

The interview also explored Pedro Pascal’s recent headline-making comments on anti-LGBTQ legislation in the country, demonstrating his continued commitment to using his platform for advocacy and social justice.

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