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Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Jenna Ortega Wednesday


Jenna Ortega Candidly Discusses Reluctance to Join Netflix’s Hit Series “Wednesday” and Creative Differences on Set

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Jenna Ortega, best known for her role as the eponymous character in Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday,” has candidly opened up about her initial reluctance to take on the role of the iconic Wednesday Addams. In a recent interview with The Times U.K., Ortega shared that she initially passed on multiple offers, as her heart was set on making a name for herself in the film industry.

Ortega explained that she had already spent a significant portion of her career in television, and her ultimate dream was to pursue film projects. She feared that signing on for another TV show would hinder her from exploring opportunities that truly excited her. However, the involvement of the legendary Tim Burton, the director and executive producer of “Wednesday,” eventually convinced her to give the role a chance.

Despite her eventual acceptance of the role, Ortega did not anticipate the overwhelming success that “Wednesday” would achieve. She initially believed the show would remain a hidden gem, discovered by only a few viewers. When asked if she would have preferred that outcome, Ortega admitted that she would.

Ortega’s previous experience as a public figure on a Disney show left her feeling somewhat out of place and overwhelmed by the Hollywood lifestyle. With the massive success of “Wednesday,” she has once again found herself in the limelight.

During her appearance on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, Ortega revealed that she had some creative differences with the “Wednesday” writers. She often found herself disagreeing with certain aspects of the character and made changes to her lines on set without prior consultation. Despite these challenges, she was able to find a balance in her portrayal of Wednesday Addams.

Netflix has renewed “Wednesday” for a second season, and fans eagerly await the return of Jenna Ortega in her breakthrough role as the enigmatic and beloved Wednesday Addams.

Trevor Decker


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