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Bella Ramsey in the season one finale of HBOs The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey in the season one finale of HBOs The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey in the season one finale of HBOs The Last of Us


Bella Ramsey to Continue as Ellie in The Last of Us Season 2 Despite Time-Jump Concerns

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Creators of The Last of Us TV series, showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, are eager to put an end to a particular topic that’s been circulating among the fandom. During a recent virtual press conference, Druckmann firmly stated, “Let’s put this thing to rest.”

Some fans of The Last of Us were under the impression that the show’s star, Bella Ramsey, would be recast in season 2 and beyond. This assumption arose because season 1 covered the events of the original 2013 video game, while season 2 is set to start adapting the 2020 sequel, The Last of Us Part II, which features a five-year time-jump.

However, Mazin and Druckmann have no intention of recasting Ramsey in season 2. They highlighted that Ramsey is currently 19 years old, the same age as Ellie in Part II, and will be even older by the time season 2 begins filming.

Mazin recalled some fans expressing concerns about Ramsey not looking like the game’s character when she joined the production at age 17. He urged fans to be patient and said, “Just watch what happens.” Mazin also reassured fans that he shares their anxiety about doing a good job on the show, which means they’re constantly talking and thinking about it.

Regarding season 2, Mazin confirmed that it “will be different” from Part II, just as season 1 was different from the first game. He emphasized that the TV adaptation will be the show that he and Druckmann want to create but will indeed include Bella Ramsey.

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Druckmann also chimed in, expressing gratitude for finding both Ashley Johnson, who originated the role in the game, and Bella Ramsey. He jokingly stated that the only way they would ever consider recasting Ramsey is if she no longer wanted to work with them, and even then, they might still “force her to come back to season 2.”

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