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Bella Ramsey’s Outstanding Performance in The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 8 “When We Are In Need”

Bella Ramsey The Last of Us season 1 Episode 8 courtesy HBO
Bella Ramsey The Last of Us season 1 Episode 8 courtesy HBO
NOTE: This article is 7 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Bella Ramsey’s performance as Ellie in the latest episode of The Last of Us Season 1, titled “When We Are In Need,” is nothing short of outstanding. From the very beginning of the season, Ramsey has shown their ability to embody Ellie’s toughness, resilience, and vulnerability, but in this episode, they truly shine.

As Joel is recovering from a stab wound, Ellie takes on the lead role, hunting for food and ultimately finding a dangerous community led by David, a sicko who is revealed to be a cannibal, pedophile, and rapist. Throughout the episode, Ramsey’s portrayal of Ellie as a tough and fearless teenage girl is exceptional, and the character’s growth throughout the season is evident in her ability to outsmart and defeat David.

But it’s the final scene that truly showcases Ramsey’s talent as an actress. Covered in David’s blood and clearly shaken from the violent confrontation, Ellie fights Joel off until she realizes it’s him. As the two embrace, the audience can feel the relief and joy that comes from knowing they are safe and together. Ramsey’s delivery of Ellie’s lines is poignant and heartfelt, and the chemistry between them and Pedro Pascal’s Joel is palpable.

“When We Are In Need” is a standout episode in a season filled with great moments, but it is Ramsey’s performance that truly steals the show. Their portrayal of Ellie as a complex and dynamic character has been exceptional throughout the season, and this episode is a testament to their talent as an actor. It will be exciting to see where Ramsey takes the character in the upcoming season finale and beyond.

Trevor Decker




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