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The Last of Us Star Bella Ramsey’s Stunning Rendition of “Only Us” from Dear Evan Hansen

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

In 2020, Bella Ramsey, the star of HBO’s current hit series The Last of Us, performed a beautiful cover of “Only Us” from the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen. The emotional ballad showcases Ramsey’s stunning vocals and raw power as they sing accompanied by both piano and guitar.

Dear Evan Hansen is a Tony Award-winning musical that tells the story of a high school student struggling with social anxiety and the repercussions of a lie that spirals out of control. “Only Us” is a duet from the show, sung by the two main characters as they express their deep connection and desire to be together despite the challenges they face.

Ramsey’s cover of “Only Us” is a beautiful tribute to the powerful emotions and themes of the musical. Their performance is a testament to their talent and versatility as an actor and singer.

If you’re a fan of Dear Evan Hansen, or just appreciate a beautiful cover of a great song, be sure to check out Bella Ramsey’s performance of “Only Us”. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing talents of performers like Ramsey, who can bring so much emotion and depth to their art.

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