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A New Song by Royal & the Serpent Reminds Us That We Are More Than The People Behind The Screen

NOTE: This article is 2 years old and may not include the most recent information.

The most recent song released by Royal & the Serpent delves extremely deep, with the vocalist addressing the dark side of our culture that is fostered by social media as well as the damage it has caused to a great number of people.

The song’s lyrics, which include phrases like “The internet killed conversation, personality, and friends,” serve as a not-so-subtle reminder that there is so much more to who we are than just the individuals who are hiding behind the screens.

Although the song may have the impression of having a somber tone, it serves as a timely reminder that, among other things, the anxiety and trauma that can result from spending one’s life online does, in fact, lead to a significant rise in the prevalence of depression.

In a nutshell, you should no longer care what other people think! A nudge in the right direction that each one of us needs every so often.

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