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KTJ & Carly Collab With Oli Harper On New Track “Taboo”

NOTE: This article is 3 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Trevor Decker News favorite KTJ & Carly have collaborated with Oli Harper on a new track titled “Taboo” now streaming on music services.

“Taboo” is the result of an epic collaboration of talent that crafted compelling stories and unforgettable melodies alongside surging euro-dance beats. The co-written track electrifies KTJ & CARLY’s signature harmonies and soulful vocals, amplifying the impact of their emotive vocals under waves of muted synthesizers supplied by Oli Harper. The beat pulsates with an irreconcilable tension, calling attention to the anticipation and desire that sizzles beneath the surface of this taboo love story. Be sure to check out this summer’s undeniable dance hit, “Taboo,” available today via Sirup Records.

Trevor Decker


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