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Mike O’Malley, who served as host of the Nickelodeon game show “Guts from 1992 to 1996 totalling 120 episodes, appeared in a Periscope video on the Splat’s official account. The Splat,is a retro Nickelodeon programming block airing every night on TeenNick. O’Malley appeared to promote a special event sponsored by Mountain Dew that featured a recreation of the iconic “GUTS” set piece known as “The Agrograg”.

In the video, O’Malley discussed working on the show, the early mission of Nickelodeon being a place for kids to have a voice and be able to live out their sports-action fantasies. When asked if he’d ever consider hosting a reboot of the game show series, he said “yes!”

The Mountain Dew recreation was created to promote a contest where fans can vote on the return of a classic Mountain Dew flavor.

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