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Dolly Parton’s Political Lyricism and Unconventional Rock ‘n’ Roll Journey

NOTE: This article is 4 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In a recent appearance on the Today show, country music legend Dolly Parton opened up about the shift in tone in her new music, her foray into rock, and her perspective on politics. The beloved icon, known for her light-hearted humor, compassionate philanthropy, and soulful music, took the opportunity to express her concerns about the current state of the world.

Her latest track, “World on Fire”, has been making waves not just for its fiery lyrics, but also for the poignant message it carries. Dolly’s lyrics, striking in their honesty, address the issues of greed and dishonesty that she perceives in politicians. When asked about the politicians she referred to in the song, Dolly unflinchingly responded, “All of them. Any of them.” Her frustration was evident as she stated her belief that politicians often prioritize their party’s interests over those of the people.

This shift in tone for the country music superstar is not only evident in her lyrical content but also in her musical style. Dolly announced her upcoming album, “Rock Star,” which is set to debut in November. The album is a tribute to rock classics, with covers ranging from Prince to Blondie, and even features duets with Sting.

One of the standout moments in the album is Dolly’s rendition of “Let It Be”, performed alongside Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Dolly gushed about the experience, highlighting Paul’s graciousness and the duo’s impressive performance.

Interestingly, Dolly revealed that her shift to rock was inspired by her husband of 57 years, Karl Dean. Despite his skepticism about anyone other than Led Zeppelin performing “Stairway to Heaven”, Dolly decided to take on the challenge, reimagining the song in a Bluegrass style years ago.

The interview also offered a glimpse into Dolly’s personal life. Raised as one of 12 children in a poor family from the Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, Dolly has always been connected to her roots. Her successful theme park, Dollywood, is a testament to her dream of giving back to her hometown.

When asked about her daily life, Dolly, always the entertainer, quipped about her commitment to her signature glamorous look, even at home. She also clarified her political stance, stressing her refusal to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from both President Trump and President Biden to avoid giving the appearance of being partisan.

Dolly Parton’s appearance on the Today show not only highlighted her exciting musical journey into rock but also shed light on her views about the political landscape. As she continues to produce music that resonates with people worldwide, Dolly remains a beloved icon, an entertainer with a heart, and an artist unafraid to voice her opinions.

Trevor Decker




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