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Miley Cyrus Performs Midnight Sky with FLETCHER Mileys New Years Eve Party on NBC 2 35 screenshot


JoJo Siwa Shares her Reaction to Miley Cyrus and Fletcher’s New Year’s Eve Duet

NOTE: This article is 2 years old and may not include the most recent information.

JoJo Siwa recently took to TikTok to share her excitement over Miley Cyrus and Fletcher’s performance of “Midnight Sky” on New Year’s Eve. In the video, JoJo can’t contain her enthusiasm as she watches the duet unfold.

For many viewers, the performance was significant not just because of the talented artists involved, but because it marked a rare instance of queer representation on a major network. The performance aired on NBC, reaching a wide audience and helping to normalize and celebrate LGBTQ+ love and relationships.

JoJo’s TikTok reaction perfectly captures the joy and appreciation that many felt upon seeing this representation on screen.

It’s no secret that JoJo is a big fan of Miley’s, having cited the singer as an inspiration since she was just two years old. She even got the chance to meet her idol in 2022.

Many fans had the same reaction as JoJo, with one commenting, “When I watched this I literally had the same reaction like I was in Gay Panic and I started blushing.”

Check out JoJo’s TikTok reaction and see the full performance video for yourself to see what all the excitement is about.


#duet with @nbc this is everything we’ve all ever needed. my eyes say it ALL. watch till the end for a surprise 🤕🤭

♬ Miley and Fletcher perform Midnight Sky – NBC
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