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Paper Girls: The Underrated Series of 2022, Overlooked by Many But Loved by Its Devoted Fan Base

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Paper Girls was one of the most underrated series of 2022. The show followed four young girls – KJ Brandman, Tiff Quilkin, Erin Tieng, and Mac Coyle – as they became caught in a time-traveling conflict and journeyed through different periods in history. The characters were diverse and well-developed, with Fina Strazza as KJ, Camryn Jones as Tiff, Riley Lai Nelet as Erin, and Sofia Rosinsky as Mac all delivering strong performances.

The show also had a strong supporting cast, with Adina Porter standing out as Prioress, a high-ranking officer of the Old Watch. The 1980s setting was well-realized and the time-traveling elements were visually impressive. Despite all of these strengths, Paper Girls unfortunately received limited promotion and marketing, leading to it being overlooked by many viewers.

Paper Girls was a series that was relatable to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The show featured diverse and well-developed characters, including LGBTQ+ representation. This helped to make the series feel more inclusive and allowed viewers who may have felt marginalized in the past to see themselves represented on screen. Additionally, the show was based on the popular comic book series, which added to its appeal and gave it a loyal fan base. Overall, Paper Girls was a series that was relatable, inclusive, and well-loved by its devoted fan base.

It is a shame that Paper Girls was not given the recognition it deserved, as it had a unique and captivating premise and strong performances from its cast.

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