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Emily Linge Delivers Her Most Moving Performance Yet With “The Rose”



Photo courtesy of Emily Linge via YouTube

Emily Linge has been sharing her talent with people from all over the world since gaining a following due in large part to the singer’s time on the singing competition The Voice Kids UK. Emily who is a gifted musician with the ability to play multiple instruments continues to post song covers of all genres on YouTube and social media regularly. Showcasing her appreciation for all types of music.

This week however could be a key moment in Emily’s growing career as she delivers what could be considered one of the best covers the singer has released. In the latest cover video, Emily Linge sings “The Rose”. A song that has become an American standard originally made popular by Bette Midler.

Emily says she had received so many requests from her followers to cover the song and has since fallen in love with the song.

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