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Txunamy, Lexy Kolker And Vibe Crew LA Vlog Recent Photo Shoot

The Vibe Crew LZ / Txunamy Ortiz YouTube

In a new vlog shared to her YouTube Channel, Txunamy Ortiz takes fans along on a photo shoot with her friends who are known collectively on TikTok as The Vibe Crew LA.

Who are the members of Vibe Crew LA?

Artyon Celestine- Dancing With the Stars Juniors and America’s Got Talent

Lilly K- Dance Moms star

Elliana Walmsley- Dance Moms star and Dancing With The Stars Juniors

Lexy Kolker- Actress and influencer

Enzo Lopez- Addison Rae’s younger brother and social media star

Txunamy- Actress and influencer

GiaNina Paoloantonio- Dance Moms and Matilda The Musical

Corinne Joy- Singer, dancer and actress

Stefan Benz- Singer

Ava Kolker- Disney Channel actress and singer

Merrick Hanna- America’s Got Talent

JD McCrary- Young Simba from The Lion King

Madison Rojas- Jane The Virgin

Akira Akbar- Model and Actress

Indi Star- Singer

Walker Bryant- Influencer

Evan Hernandez- Dancer

Lexi Hernandez- Dancer

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