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Sky Brown, 11 Year Old Skateboarding Superstar, Olympic Hopeful Has Awful Accident, The Scary Moment Caught On Video

Sky Brown has shared a video with fans of a recent accident that happened while the young athlete was practicing. Sky describes the fall “my worst yet” and if you watch the video you will see why. Brown has taken the world by storm and has earned the respect of legends including Tony Hawk. Sky was set to possibly be one of the youngest athletes in the Olympics prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many people in America might also know Sky Brown for her time on the inaugural season of Dancing With The Stars Juniors in 2018 which she won by the way.

Trevor Decker News sends our prayers to Sky Brown who we know is going to make a full recovery. She is already determined to “get right back on” her skateboard when she is better as she shared a short message from her hospital bed. Sky said she doesn’t usually like to share video of her falls but due to this one being much more serious she wanted to let fans know what happened.. Keep up that positive attitude Sky!

Trevor Decker

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