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Listen To Grace VanderWaal Sing “Thirteen” From “Stargirl” Soundtrack

The latest original movie to be released on the Disney+ streaming platform is “Stargirl” released on March 13th. The film features Grace VanderWaal in the lead role and it also marks the singer’s acting debut. “Stargirl” is a heartwarming coming of age film that is accompanied by a soundtrack that highlights the emotion and storytelling of the film. It features some original tracks and carefully selected cover songs each of which plays an important role in telling the story of the film. While the use of The Beach Boys classic hit “Be True To Your School” is more recognizable, one of the most touching songs used in the film is “Thirteen” by Big Star.

The song was released in 1972 and fits the timeless throwback feel of “Stargirl”. Watching the film you feel like it was set in a different era and the use of the song “Thirteen” is a fantastic choice to lyrically demonstrate the relationship between Stargirl and Leo the two main characters of the film. Stargirl being played by Grace VanderWaal.

While we only hear Grace sing a verse of the song in the movie itself, Grace VanderWaal recorded a full-length cover for the “Stargirl” soundtrack which is available now. Listen to the song below.

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