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Sovereign Grace Music Release New Live Worship Album “The Glorious Christ”

Christian worship collective Sovereign Grace Music has released a new 15-track album titled “The Glorious Christ” (live). You can stream the album on iTunes and Spotify now. While the contemporary Christian music genre is full of worship artists Sovereign Grace Music has gained a reputation for presenting songs known for lyrics that are founded in biblical doctrine. The group employs multiple songwriters and pastors from other churches to assist in the songwriting process.


  1. Turn Your Eyes
  2. How Vast the Love
  3. He is Worthy
  4. Glorious
  5. Come, O Sinner
  6. Jesus, Your Mercy
  7. Christ Exalted is Our Song
  8. Christ Our Glory
  9. See How He Loves Us
  10. The King in All His Beauty
  11. Christ Our Treasure
  12. All Hail the Glorious Christ
  13. Worthy One
  14. When Christ Our Life Appears
  15. Turn Your Eyes Reprise

Sovereign Grace is celebrating 30 years of producing Christ-centered worship music in addition to training local churches. To learn more you can visit their official website at

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