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Who Was Mister Rogers And Why The New Film “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” Is Needed Now More Than Ever

On November 22 a new film will be hitting theaters just in time for Thanksgiving. Starring Tom Hanks in the title role of children’s television icon Fred Rogers the new film isn’t so much a biopic as it is a look at the impact one man and his faith had on generations of children and adults alike. Fred Rogers was an ordained minister who saw his work in children’s television as his ministry and calling in life. Through his program Mister Rogers Neighborhood which aired on PBS from 1968-2001 Fred Rogers helped children deal with feelings and self-worth as well as helping them know that they were special. Mister Rogers was able to communicate values of faith in a way that didn’t even need to mention the Bible. His example was through action and in a new look at the upcoming film those who knew him best and the team behind the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood take a look at Fred Rogers and the story of the film.

Check out the video below:

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