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California Pastor Greg Laurie Has a Message For Critics Of Kanye West’s Faith



Pastor Greg Laurie who leads Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside California talked about the new faith of Kanye West and had a message for those who are skeptical. Laurie who is known for his Harvest Crusades which just celebrated its 30th anniversary told his congregation and viewers watching online that believers should be less cynical and pray for him saying that the fact Kanye West is using his popularity to point people to Jesus is a good thing. Greg Laurie continued to say that we need to be praying that Kanye continues to get grounded in his faith and continues to grow. You can watch Pastor Greg Laurie his remarks below.

“Just shut up for a minute, OK? How about this: pray for him,” said Laurie, “Pray that he gets grounded in his faith, pray that he’s a seed sown on good ground that brings forth much fruit.”

“I applaud any person that makes any movement toward God,” he continued. “And I want to encourage them in that, not critique them about that. And I think it’s fantastic because he’s taking his considerable platform — and he has quite a platform, doesn’t he? — to talk about faith. It has people talking about Jesus. I’m happy for that conversation, people that wouldn’t normally be talking about the Lord.”

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