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Cloe Wilder Drops Third Single “Save Me” – Stream Now

Rising pop singer Cloe Wilder has released her third original single “Save Me”.

The 13-year-old Florida native has been releasing original songs over the last few months that have giving listeners a glimpse into struggles she deals with and feelings that many young people have. while bringing awareness to mental health in the process. Cloe’s original songs and covers have connected to her generation and have given listeners a sense that they are not alone.  Speaking about the new song “Save Me” Cloe had this to say.

“Fun fact, as soon as I played this song for my mom, she asked if it was about her.  It’s not really, but it was written in a ‘reasons why you should, plus reasons why you can’t’ tone. Before I place this in your hands, know that I’m doing very well. Writing this brought me here. Many have asked me why I’m putting negativity into your ears, but I think I’m helping… I hope I’m helping.”

Cloe’s desire to be real and honest with the listener is one of the reasons why she is unique in an industry that has very talented artists however they are often similar. This is not the case when it comes to the original songs from Cloe Wilder. Cloe is reaching a generation that is often unsure of itself and filled with anxiety about events going on around them and she’s being honest with her lyrics.

“Save Me.” is produced by Grammy-award-winning Jayme David Silverstein

You can listen to the new single “Save Me” below:

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