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Jess And Gabriel Eat Australia Fast Food, Share Differences Between American Fast Food



Popular YouTubers Jess and Gabriel are still sharing vlogs from their trip to Jess’s home country of Australia celebrating Jess getting her residency in the United States. after a process which took over two years. Which included the restriction that Jess could not travel outside of the United States. The YouTuber has not been able to return to her native home since marrying American YouTuber Gabriel Conte. In the latest vlog, Jess and Gabriel visit various fast-food restaurants in Australia and discuss the differences between Australian fast food and American fast food. One thing that comes up throughout the entire vlog is comparisons between Chick-fil-A and different Australian fast-food restaurants. Jess is quick to point out that when it comes to American fast-food Chick-fil-A is the best but said in her opinion that KFC in Australia is somewhat similar to Chick-fil-A saying that KFC in America is more focused on Southern tradition where is Australian KFC feels more mainstream fast food.

A couple of interesting notes in Australia Burger King is known as Hungry Jacks same restaurant just a different name. And while people in the United States know it as McDonald’s in Australia the golden arch fast-food leader is known as Macca’s.

After receiving comments in regards to their previous vlog which saw the couple eating Australian candy and junk food which included a meat pie, Jess and Gabriel shared with subscribers that they have begun to slowly eat meat again after being vegetarian for some time. The reason for the change is mostly health-related especially for Gabriel who was getting sick because he was not receiving proper nutrients.

Check out the Australian fast-food vlog below and find out how the fast-food restaurants down under rate. By the way, listen for the prayer said before they begin eating at the first stop.

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