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“Redefining Girl Power” GFORCE Rock First America’s Got Talent Live Show With Original Song “It’s GFORCE”

Tuesday night marked the first live show of the current season of the NBC competition series America’s Got Talent. Among the many highlights of the evening were Canadian music Collective GForce who kicked off the show with a powerful anthem of independence. The Toronto-based music act has quickly won over fans with their original songs which include “Break The Bank” and “Simon Says”. GFORCE took the stage to once again debut another original song titled “It’s GFORCE”. Throughout their previous performances, Simon Cowell has had some constructive criticism of the group saying that he wanted to see them being the bosses and being more themselves adding during the judge Cuts performance last month that he was not a fan of performances that were too rehearsed.

During this week’s performance, the live broadcast clearly was a benefit to the group and was one of the highlights of the night with their performance. Simon Cowell was critical of the song choice and asked the group who wrote it? They quickly replied with “we did” and he was not too thrilled. Julianne Hough said they were “redefining girl power” and Gabrielle Union reminded Simon that he was the one who told the girls to take more control of their performances and write their own music.

It is now up to America to vote them into the next round we will get the results on Wednesday.

Watch the performance below and get the single “It’s Gforce” on pre-order here.

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