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YouTuber Jess Conte Surprises Parents In Australia After 2 Years

YouTube stars Jess and Gabriel Conte have posted the final video in a series titled “Going Home”. The series of videos documented Australia native Jess Conte’s journey of gaining residency in the United States. Part of the process which took over two years included Conte not being able to return home to Australia meaning that she had not seen her parents in person since she married American Gabriel Conte. In the emotional finale of the series, viewers are treated to the long-awaited reunion where we see Jess Conte’s mother overcome with emotion on the floor as she sees her daughter in person.

If you’ve been following our coverage of Jess and Gabriel you know the fact that Jess has not been able to return home to Australia has really been a test of faith for her. She has continuously put her faith in God during this situation which involved issues with a previous attorney which delayed the process of US residency even more. Watch the emotional reunions below.

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