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Simon Cowell Stops Ansley Burns During AGT Judge Cuts Performance For The Second Time

Those who remember during the auditions when a 12-year-old singer Ansley Burns went to perform she was stopped by judge Simon Cowell. He was not happy with the backing track she used for her performance and requested that she sing acapella. Now during her performance of “Good Girl” for judge cuts, Ansley was stopped yet again by Simon. This time Simon stopped her performance due to what he felt was Ansley “pushing” her vocals.

“I don’t want to hear that kind of pushing your vocal” Simon told the young singer. “It’s going off-key a little bit” Cowell added. Cowell went on to say he wanted to hear Ansley’s version of the song. Watch it all unfold below:

Simon Cowell said following the performance that there was “something special” about Ansley and said that this performance was way better than the first audition. AGT host Terry Crews even commented, “That girl can sing”.

Unfortunately, the performance wasn’t enough for Ansley to make it through to the next round. She hugged all the judges as she was in tears. Simon gave her advice to keep practicing and made her promise that she wouldn’t give up.

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