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British Pop Singer Limahl Responds To Renewed Interest In The Never Ending Story Thanks To Stranger Things

The original music video for the theme to the 1984 motion picture The Neverending Story has been re-released thanks to its renewed popularity. The song has once again become a pop culture phenomenon thanks to the Netflix series using it in one of the most iconic moments of the third season of the Sci-Fi series.

Netflix released the third season of Stranger Things July 4th which includes a scene where the character Dustin sings the duet of the theme song to the iconic film with his girlfriend Suzie. The inspiration for the impromptu duet comes from the original music video which you can watch below.

“It’s been very exciting to hear about all the new interest in the song,” British pop singer Limahl, who sang the song for the 1984 film, told EW. “Thirty-five years later, it’s reaching a whole new audience — it’s fantastic.”

Rhino Records which owns the distribution rights to the motion picture soundtrack posted the music video to its official YouTube channel last week. Fans were obviously quick to point out the renewed interest in the music video in the comments thanks to Stranger Things.

Stranger Things season 3 visits the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana once again in the year 1985. The Neverending Story film was released in 1984 so the references to the film fit perfectly within the storyline. Stranger Things has revived interest in many pop culture aspects of the 1980s.

Millie Bobby Brown who stars as Eleven recently issued a challenge to fans of the series encouraging them to post video of them singing and dancing to The Never Ending Story theme.

Watch the original The Never Ending Story music video below.

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