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Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink “I’m So Blessed”



In a recent interview with Who What Wear “Stranger Things” star Sadie Sink discussed her style and the brands that inspire her. Sadie stars in the Netflix series which just premiered its third season on July 4th. Sadie plays the character “Max” in the popular sci-fi drama series.

Discussing the new season of Stranger Things Sadie explains how Max helps Eleven discover her own identity. “A big part of this season is Max teaching Eleven how to just be herself and find a style that’s authentic to who she is,” she explained. It’s clear that Sink possesses the knowledge of fashion’s transformative nature that the teenage girls of Hawkins High School don’t necessarily have themselves. “They go shopping at the mall and do a bunch of girly things like that, but it’s a lot more than that.Max teaches her how she should use fashion to become Eleven and not just this lab experiment, to become her true self. So really it’s a lot about female empowerment.”

Her Stranger Things role aside, Sink has long been a student of style: “I’ve always been interested in fashion ever since I was little, and obviously I didn’t have access to the brands I do now,” she gushed. “I’d always just look at Chanel and Kate Spade and think how incredible these brands were.” Her blue eyes twinkled as she recounted a recent “pinch-me” moment: “To see that the campaign I did for Kate Spade is on the homepage, that’s insane. The number of times I’ve logged onto this website and just dreamed about all these clothes and now I’m in this campaign—I’m so blessed.”

In the video below Sadie discusses the fashion featured in season 3 of Stranger Things and how it has evolved over the past few seasons.

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