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Kel Mitchell “All That” character coach Kreeton returns – watch it here

Nickelodeon’s highly-anticipated reboot of the sketch comedy series All That has been a success for the network. Featuring a new cast and also paying homage to its past with appearances by original cast members in the early episodes. The Premiere episode saw the return of Kel Mitchell’s Ed from Good Burger character and Lori Beth Denberg passing the torch of her popular Vital Information skit to new cast member Reece Caddell. Now fans get a chance to see Kel Mitchell reprise another of his popular characters from the series in coach Kreeton a School athletic coach with an approach that’s always focused on nothing but winning. In the new sketch Mitchell’s character plays opposite fellow original cast member Josh Server who is all about positivity and letting the kids know that playing the game is not always about winning but having fun of course, coach Kreeton takes objection to this approach and tells the team that they need to win. Check out the sketch below to relive some hilarious memories.

You can watch the all-new All That Saturdays on Nickelodeon.

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