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Millie Bobby Brown talks being a fan of the Spice Girls and getting her driver’s permit on Late Late Show

Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday to chat about the upcoming third season of Stranger Things as well as her love for the Spice Girls and getting her driver’s permit. Millie who is 15 explains the rules of having a permit in the State she lives in when filming in the United States and how it is different from California. Millie is originally from England. Asked if she was a good driver Millie tells James that she abides by all laws and that she is being taught by her dad who tends to scream during lessons. She jokingly adds that it’s definitely not a bonding moment when the two of them are in the car.

When asked who her favorite Spice Girl was Millie told James Corden that she related most to Posh Spice.

Millie also takes part in a discussion about superstitions.

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