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Watch Amanda Lindsey Cook’s Powerful Performance Of “Endless Alleluia”

In a timeHope when our world seems to become darker and darker there is always a light of hope and it is clearly evident in many of the songs performed by popular worship groups including Hillsong worship, Bethel Music and others. While many debate teachings and doctrines there is no denying that for many believers these anthems of praise help them connect with God. Check out this recent performance by Amanda Lindsey Cook that took place just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at Heaven Come 2019.


Trevor Decker

Trevor Decker is the founder of Trevor Decker News which focuses on positive Hollywood entertainment. Trevor is an entertainment industry blogger who has worked to put the spotlight on the television film and music that matters. Trevor Decker is skilled in publicity and has worked alongside many television networks, film studios, and music industry leaders to provide coverage of various projects. Including NBC, CBS, Lionsgate, MGM, Disney and many more.

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