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Watch ‘Beetlejuice The Musical’ Star Sophia Anne Caruso Sing ‘Dead Mom’

May 30, 2019

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Beetlejuice the musical has released a music video for one of its popular songs featuring Sophia Anne Caruso who portrays “Lydia Deetz” performing the song “Dead Mom”. The music video features Caruso in the studio recording the song for the musical’s soundtrack.

The new Broadway musical has been a hit with fans who find the original score and songs to be addicting with “Dead Mom” among one of the favorites. The song highlights the intentional focus on Lydia and teenage angst. Something the film briefly touches upon but is explored more deeply in the musical adaptation.

Trevor Decker News previously shared audio of two songs from the soundtrack “Dead Mom” and “Say My Name”. 

Watch the new music video featuring Sophia Anne Caruso performing “dead mom” people.

For more information on Beetlejuice the musical, you can visit beetlejuicebroadway.com/.

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