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All Elite Wrestling Presents First Live Event, Ready To Offer Alternative To WWE

Fans of professional wrestling finally have an alternative that can compete with WWE. A new company All Elite Wrestling (AEW) which is backed by CEO Tony Khan and executive directors including wrestling star Cody Rhodes presented their first live pay-per-view and streaming event “Double or Nothing” on Saturday night (May 25) in Las Vegas.

The event was the official debut for the new wrestling promotion which strives to separate itself from WWE by presenting a more athletic based presentation and less of a storyline soap opera drama presentation. The event which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena featured a headlining match between Chris Jericho and Kenny omega as well as a match decades in making between Dustin Rhodes formerly known as WWE’s “Goldust” and his real-life brother Cody Rhodes. The match became emotional for both of the competitors and fans watching live in person and on television as the match was seen as a tribute to the late Dusty Rhodes a professional wrestling legend and father of both Cody and Dustin.

Tony Khan Speaks To Media Following All Elite Wrestling’s “Double Or Nothing” Event In Las Vegas

The event also featured commentary by icon Jim Ross affectionately known as JR. Jim Ross had been a fixture in wrestling for decades most notably for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) before announcing that he had joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as the head of their announcing team. AEW has secured a television deal with WarnerMedia’s  TNT which featured wrestling for decades until 2001 when the Turner-owned  WCW was purchased by WWE

The new television deal will secure AEW’s position as the second largest company in the professional wrestling industry something that has not been done in decades as WWE has been the only dominant force in pro wrestling.

It should be noted that AEW is making history in regards to equality in the ring as it featured two prominent women’s matches and their roster includes a transgender female.

For a detailed recap of the results from All Elite Wrestling’s “”Double nothing” event in Las Vegas, you can visit Wrestling News Blog

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