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Here’s Your First Look At Disney’s New Streaming Service Disney+

Walt Disney Company

Disney has released a screenshot of its upcoming Disney+ video streaming service the interface similarity to others such as Netflix will feature categories based on the different brands that are owned by the company. Including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. The main screen will also feature recommendations as well as continue watching feature which is standard on most streaming platforms. The service will be a mix of original content as well as content from the Disney Vault and will offer something for everyone.

Some details from a recent report from The Wall Street Journal.

Disney+ is a top priority

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger has called Disney+ his No. 1 priority. He spent $71.3 billion on 21st Century Fox to boost the number of movies and shows it can offer, has given up hundreds of millions of dollars in Netflix licensing fees to hold on to Disney content for the new service, and has even delayed his own retirement to see it through […]

It is offering bonuses for the services of directors and showrunners to work on the offerings it thinks it needs to lure customers away from Netflix. And it has told its software developers to dial back other projects to make sure the service can handle millions of subscribers when it launches […]

Each studio division—Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios—has been ordered to produce shows and movies for the service that will be available alongside older fare. A reorganization followed to prioritize streaming.



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