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Billie Eilish and Her Brother Talk About Writing “Bury a Friend”

A dentist drill, an easy bake oven what do these two things have in common with Billie Eilish you may ask? It turns out they helped create the otherworldly sounds featured in her popular track “Bury a Friend”. In an interview with the New York Times, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas discussed the process of writing and producing the hit track.

The brother and sister duo who are taking the music world by storm go into detail about what inspired the song and why it sounds so unique. Saying that she did not want to be put into a box she wants fans to think of her as her own music genre. Discussing the addictive beat of “Bury a Friend” Finneas compared it to something you would hear “at a football game”.

Billie who is 17 has become the biggest name in pop music although Billie would probably prefer that we don’t use that genre. she and her brother are determined to create their own sound. Billie wants fans of her music when asked what kind of music they are listening to just simply say Billie Eilish.

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