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WWE Star Roman Reigns Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

Roman Reigns returned it to the wrestling ring Monday night to share with fans that his cancer was in remission. The WWE Superstar revealed that his Leukemia had returned last year and announced that he would be taking time away to fight the battle once again something he had done before in his early twenties.

Appearing on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw program which airs every week on the USA Network Reigns opened up about the response from fans and all the support and prayers he has received. A man of faith, Roman reflected on how his trust in God and how the many prayers helped him through his recent battle and shared that he was back and was ready to use his notoriety as a WWE wrestler to help those in similar situations.

“I’m a man of faith I’ve always believed in God I’ve always believed that he’s favored me and looked out for me but I’m not going to lie before my announcement in October I was terrified Y’all,” Romain said during his remarks Monday night. “I was scared I was insecure and I really didn’t know if I wanted to share that secret with the world.”

“The overwhelming support that you gave me it gave me strength it gave me new life it gave me a new opportunity and it gave me a new purpose. Roman continued. “I’m going to use this platform this giant WWE platform that is global and the whole world can see it I’m going to use it to raise awareness and I’m going to use it to support those who are in need it just like I was.”

Later in the evening, Roman Reigns returned to the ring to take part in a segment of WWE Raw where he helped save a fellow wrestler which you can check out in the video clip provided at below.

Trevor Decker

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