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Avril Lavigne Shares Powerful Story Behind “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne

Singer Avril Lavigne opens up about her battle with Lyme disease in a new interview with Uproxx. Avril reveals that at one point she accepted that she was going to die and at that moment song lyrics came flooding into her mind.

The song would ultimately become what we know now as “Head Above Water” Avril Lavigne’s powerful inspirational anthem that helped launch her comeback in recent months. The singer says she grabbed her iPhone and began writing the lyrics down in her Notes app as they came to her.

The song which is the title track off Avril’s latest album released this month is a prayer to God to help her stay strong during the battle she was facing. Avril Lavigne says that writing new songs was part of the recovery process.

Avril reveals in the interview that when she went into the studio to record the song “Head Above Water” she didn’t know what her voice would be like. She didn’t know if she had lost her voice or if it would be weak.

Avril reveals that as she began singing the lyrics to the powerful anthem her body began to feel warm and she was fighting back tears. She decided to keep that take as the one we hear today saying that it was important to show vulnerability in her vocal. At one point you can hear her voice crack as she’s singing the first verse.

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