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Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith Launch “Churchhome” Global App

Pastor Judah Smith

Nearly 70 percent of people worldwide are mobile phone users and a whopping 86 percent of millennials have a smart phone.  Yet, according to the recent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, only a small fraction attend religious services or see church attendance as a definer of their faith and spirituality.   At the same time, the majority believe in God and think about the meaning and purpose of life at least once a week.

To tap into and engage them in an innovative, accessible way, Churchome, the Seattle and Los Angeles-based mega-church led by Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, has partnered with the pioneering mobile technology company Seventh Spark to create and launch Churchome Global, a free app-based platform that offers users 24/7/365 access to the Churchome community and programming, including community prayer, pastor-led groups, meaningful and topical conversations with other users, growth classes, charity opportunities, interactive church broadcasts, daily inspirational messages, and more.

“Churchome Global not only changes where and when users can experience church community, but how and why,” said Judah Smith. “In today’s transient, global society, there are entire segments of the population who just cannot attend a physical church because they travel for work, move around, are in the military, are disabled, and in the case of millennials, are simply not going to church on a regular basis.  And because we live in a tech-driven world, we can leverage innovative tools that create unique ways to bring people together and spread the Good News.”

Chelsea Smith echoed these thoughts, adding that, “The idea behind Churchome Global, and our community in general, is that every woman, man, boy and girl – every age, every race – will find a home in God, a home where they belong and a community that functions as a family, but one that is not confined to a brick and mortar building of four walls.” 

The Churchome Global app, which is available now on both the iOS and Android platforms, offers daily content from the Churchome pastoral team, live chats, weekly messages, worship services, prayer, inspirational positivity messages, Bible study, community activism and volunteering opportunities, group meet-ups based on areas of mutual interest, topical conversations and more, in an easy-to-navigate, welcoming way. 

Among the app’s special features are Daily Spark, a daily dose of inspiration using messages from Judah and Chelsea, Bible passages, music; Connect, which encourages users to join others locally or through a digital group or gathering based on mutual interest;and Uplift, which enables users to support local and global causes that uplift and respond to the real needs of real people in real time. This month, Churchome launched a crowd-sourced Uplift campaign called Everyday Heroes, a program in which users can highlight friends, neighbors and others who are making a real and significant impact to improve lives in their communities (this will run through mid-March).

Churchome “communities” include She, focused on encouraging, empowering and inspiring women; Churchome College, which enables students at colleges around the world to engage in conversations, ask questions and connect with each other; and ChurchKids, which is geared to help parents make the story of Jesus fun for the entire family and includes weekly sermons just to share with their kids.  Most importantly, users can also form their own groups based on shared interests and will soon be able to come together digitally to watch weekly church services on Sundays and Tuesdays.

“We are, at once, a global church but also a small church doing big things,” Judah Smith explained, noting that in Churchome’s beta phase, more than 600 groups in 80 cities were already formed. “We want everyone to feel that they’re a part of our community and to find the acceptance, friendship and family they’re seeking.  The overarching goal it to make the connection between God and people really simple.” 

Marissa Bell, Co-Founder and CEO, The Seventh Spark Company, believes that “Churchome Global is a revolutionary way for Churchome to empower people to foster their relationship with the church community and integrate faith into their everyday lives. As opposed to using other social platforms, Churchome is able to own the experience and manage their community according to their terms, while also keeping an intimate pulse on the changing needs of its members. That is powerful.”

To learn more about Churchome Global and download the app, visit here.

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